Mitchell Perry Designer


Fort Lauderdale, FL

Before Mitchell even knew what fashion was, he started sketching outfits for his favorite video game characters—when she saw his designs, a savvy friend urged him to consider fashion school.

He put himself through the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and says his first class was a mess. He broke 9 needles but after a few classes and some very positive encouragement from his professors he knew he was born to design.

On Season 13, Mitchell was always safe or in the bottom and eventually went home in a double elimination. But his shining personality and unquestionable talent made him stand out as an All Star.

When he returned to Ft. Lauderdale he started a non-profit organization called Hobosheik. Mitchell has always wanted to be there for others. He teaches kids how to sew and up-cycle clothes. Then they donate the clothing to the homeless. He wants kids to develop the skills to be successful in life and also an understanding of the homeless situation so they never find themselves in that position. He’s also currently designing and revamping his business and designing a new line.

Coming from very little, Mitchell had to work his entire life to slowly elevate his own quality of life. The opportunity to be on All Stars and the prospect of winning is overwhelmingly exciting for him. He is a survivor who will prove he belongs in fashion.