Dom Streater Designer


Philadelphia, PA

Born and raised in West Philadelphia, Dom jokes that she is the Fresh Prince of Fashion. Growing up, her family was very tight knit and still is to this day. And she says growing up in this tough neighborhood has shaped who she is as a designer. She says, “When you live in a busy city that is sometimes very rough and tough, you sometimes have to sacrifice style for comfort.” And as a designer she strives to bridge that gap and design fashion-forward and exuberant clothing that everyday women can wear. She credits her success in fashion to her tough upbringings – in fashion you have to be tough and she absolutely learned that growing up.

Dom has been a fan of Project Runway watching the show since she was 12-years-old. And in 2013 this happy-go-lucky girl became the first African American to win the competition and an instant fan favorite.

Aside from a car and a prize packaged worth more than $500,000, Dom walked away from Season 12 with a newfound confidence and ability to trust her own instincts as a creative designer. She says she learned more about herself in the competition than she did all throughout college.

Dom has received an official proclamation from the mayor of Philadelphia, been named one of Nicole Miller’s “Most Fashionable Women of Philadelphia”, has been featured in numerous magazines, including Marie Claire, Essence and Jet. Dom has designed for numerous well-known clients including an exclusive clothing collection for Belk stores and a collection of headphones for Velodyne.