Daniel Franco Designer


Los Angeles, CA

Daniel was born in Beverly Hills to a Peruvian father and El Salvadorian mother. At age 17 he began studying fashion design and achieved a BFA from

Otis College of Art and Design and an AA from FIDM. In 1995 he was voted Best Designer in a nationwide contest for fashion students by The Fashion Group International. By 1999 he broadened his design experience by working in NYC as a fashion forecaster for Here & There, an assistant to Richard Tyler and a designer for BCBG.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Daniel’s initial run on Project Runway. He was the first to feel the pain of the sharp, steel blade of “Auf Wiedershen”. He was also the first designer to be offered a chance to return for a second chance in the second season. However, he only made it to the fourth week and went home on the infamous lingere team-challenge in which he stepped up and accepted the blame for his team’s shortcomings. As he left, Tim Gunn said “Daniel, you leave here with tremendous dignity and integrity and I have a lot of respect for that.” Twice in a row, Daniel fell short of showing his full potential on the runway and he admits he hasn’t let that go to this day. He’s spent a quarter of his life craving another chance at victory.

In 2007 Daniel inherited the Albertson Chapel from his father, Reverend Alex Franco. Since then he has been transforming not only the Chapel, but also the wedding industry itself by offering a unique, fashionable alternative to couples who desire style but cannot afford an expensive wedding. He’s finally having success running his family business while simultaneously fulfilling his dreams of bringing fashion to those who crave it.

It’s a crucial time in Daniel’s business as the chapel is moving locations this month due to a city-planned metro line. With over 800 weddings a year, it’s a booming business that Daniel should not leave. But he has unfinished business on the runway. And he can’t help but want to come back to see if the third time will be a charm.

Daniel has experience. He’s logged over 50,000 hours of design. He knows that doesn’t mean the judges will appreciate his aesthetic, but he’s willing to take the chance. This time he’ll settle for nothing short of the win. He’s “entering the Lion’s Den with passion and a pair of fabric shears.”