Asha Daniels Designer


Cincinnati, OH

This bright-eyed beauty is sharp, and her design aesthetic is modern and young. But there’s also a toughness to her work that reflects her own strength as a woman.

Asha’s parents made her education a top priority. Competitive from an early age, Asha earned a full scholarship at the most prestigious high school in Cincinnati, then beat out 2,000 people for a scholarship to fashion school at the University of Cincinnati. After school, she interned at Marchesa (meeting Georgina Chapman blew her mind) and a dress she helped drape became a part of the bridal collection. Asha is extremely tight with her family and worries that if she is forced to move to another city to pursue her career, she’ll have to find a way to bring them along.

Project Runway: Under the Gunn validated for Asha that she was born to be a designer. Being in Los Angeles for the competition encouraged her not to give up on her dreams. The competition pushed her to take some major risks and push her creativity under pressure and time constraints. She found out that she is tougher and more creative than she ever knew. She gained lifelong friends and a new outlook on who she is as a designer.

After Project Runway: Under The Gunn Asha returned to Cincinnati to begin building her business. It’s still in the infant stages and she’s figuring it out as she goes. She’s gaining momentum in the music industry – her pieces have been featured in a music video for DJ & Artist Clockwork and DJ Dimepiece, among others. She just recently debuted her first professional collection and had an editorial shoot for it just before arriving in NYC for All Stars. Asha is “ridiculously excited and honored” to join All Stars.