Alexander Pope Designer


Ridgewood, NY

Growing up in Hollywood in the 1980s, he started sewing his own costumes at 13, and was on his own by age 18. After working for years as a makeup artist, he sold everything he had and moved to New York City to attend FIDM. Now he earns a living working in a costume shop, constructing garments for prestigious Broadway shows. Himself a former drag queen, Alexander also makes clothes for a number of well-known drag performers. But he’s finally ready to leave the drag days behind and start his own line.

Alexander is at the peak of his costuming career. With his meticulous construction, excellent engineering skills, and strikingly editorial garments, he’s earned a place for himself beyond the Broadway stage.

Alexander came into Season 12 afraid of being called out as a costume designer or his clothes being called “too costumey” but he feels that’s what happened. Entering the competition he figured that knowing that it’s often hard for designers to “go there” that he would have a leg up because he “goes there” for a living. He figured it would be easier to take a step back than to take a step forward, especially since he’s been stepping forward for years. But ultimately he feels that he wasn’t able to simplify his aesthetic enough for the judges’ liking. He is not going to let that happen this time around as he plans to “take the competition down.”